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Do you remember the last time you viewed a home for sale? What do you recall about that property? You likely remember the features and characteristics that stood out, such as the gorgeous hardwood floors, the spacious kitchen with the long island, or… the faucet that was dripping in the main floor washroom!

Obviously, you want potential buyers to notice the great features of your home rather than those things that are less appealing. So, when preparing your home for sale, pay particular attention to what a buyer is likely to notice and remember.

Say, for example, you have a small unused bedroom that has become the unofficial storage room. If something doesn’t go anywhere else, it gets put in that room! Now it’s a cluttered space.

What will buyers remember about that room after a viewing? Will they see the potential for a home office or comfy reading room? Most likely, they will just remember a small, cluttered, potentially unusable space.

Buyers will also notice a dripping faucet, a scuff in the wall, or the lingering smell of spicy cooking in the kitchen. They will remember all the things that stand out, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

So, when you list your property, make sure that what stands out for potential buyers are the desirable features of your property.

If you have a wonderful sitting room with large windows and a great view, make sure that space is clean and comfortable. You may even want to “stage” it a little, perhaps with some fresh flowers and a good book sitting on the end table.

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Selling your lakefront property is a little different than selling regular property! You have a different appeal with your property and a lot of unique selling points because of the waterfront and the surrounding areas. With these helpful tips, we’ll sell your lakefront property for the most money possible, in the most timely fashion!

  1. Understand your buyers
  2. Price it correctly.
  3. Have your REALTOR® know everything about the home.
  4. Maximize visibility and “stage” the waterfront.
  5. Get a home inspection.
  6. Market with exceptional photography, video tours, 3D tours, and drone shots.
  7. Make sure you can get to the dock.
  8. Repair the dock if necessary.
  9. Make the shoreline accessible if possible.
  10. Clean up the shoreline.
  11. Focus on curb appeal – in front and along the shoreline.
  12. Clean the windows.
  13. Hire a REALTOR® that knows waterfront properties


If you have any questions or would like to inquire about selling your lakefront property, fill out the contact form below! I’m excited to get in touch with you!

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NYSAR has gifted the real estate community with several recommendations and helpful tips in regards to New York state moving on to phase 2! There are several mandatory requirements that the associated licensees are responsible to uphold in hopes to reopen New York in the safest way possible.


  • Brokers are encouraged, but not required, to conduct remote walkthroughs rather than in-person walkthroughs (e.g. recorded/live video), where possible.
  • Whenever possible, activities should be conducted remotely with consumers.
  • Whenever in-person contact occurs with a consumer, the licensee should be wearing an appropriate face covering and maintain social distancing.


  • Licensees must limit in-person gatherings with consumers to the greatest extent possible and use other methods such as video or teleconferencing whenever possible. When videoconferencing or teleconferencing is not possible, licensees should hold meetings in open, well-ventilated spaces and ensure that individuals maintain six feet of social distance between one another and wear appropriate face coverings.
  • Licensees should avoid driving in the same car with prospective tenants/buyers. If this cannot be avoided, face coverings must be worn by everyone in the vehicle and frequently touched areas of the vehicle should be cleaned and disinfected.


  • Showings are only allowed in unoccupied or vacant properties (e.g. current owner or lessee is not inside the property).
  • All individuals visiting the property will be required to wear a face covering at all times.
  • Replace or clean and disinfect gloves after every showing (as applicable).
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces (e.g. handrails, door knobs etc.) before or after every showing.
  • Stagger showings in order to avoid the congregation of people outside and inside properties.


  • Although the Guidance Documents permits open houses, it includes restrictions.
  • Only one party may be inside the property at a time. The licensee needs to be sure no other parties can enter.
  • Licensees choosing to hold a traditional open house run the risk of multiple parties congregating outside the property waiting for their turn to view the property or attempting to enter the property while another party is inside. Licensees should make every attempt to schedule showing times for an open house to avoid such issues.
  • Licensees should not dispose of PPE at the property where the open house is held.